Where Women Coaches, Consultants, and Experts Up Level into Profitable, Go-To Thought Leaders

As you grow your visibility and profitability through speaking and thought leadership opportunities, access me as your mentor, coach, and sales and messaging strategist.

During our 8-months together (Late August 2024 - End of April 2025):

  • Clarify your zones of genius as a coach, consultant, and expert
  • Create your high-ticket individual and organizational offer(s) and customized business plan
  • Master your sales, speaking, and thought leadership messaging for individuals, associations, and corporations
  • Forge habits that put well-being and sustainability at the center of your business
  • Use your visibility to attract your dream clients and give voice to the ideas and issues that matter to you
  • Rock your virtual and live speaking, thought leadership opportunities, and sales calls
  • Forge forever bonds with an intimate and elite group of women conspiring for your success
  • Center and elevate marginalized voices and live into the legacy you want to leave behind

Alexia is a brilliant coach, intuitive mentor, and wordsmith.

As a psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of people connect with their clients and pull out their gifts, but I have NEVER seen anyone as gifted as Lex. I was able to spit out my ideas, that were often only semi-coherent, and she would reflect back to me, in such a concise way, something brilliant.

I’m now so clear on my message and platform that each opportunity leads to more invitations. I have persuasive website copy. And able all, I now communicate with confidence to prospective clients what I do and what I stand for. Working with Lex I got overwhelmingly more than I expected because she is so brilliant.

Dr. Lynyetta Willis //  Speaker, Author, Psychologist, and Family Empowerment Coach

Joining the Moxielicious® Mastermind was a full-body "hell yes!" for me. I knew joining this group was my intentional choice to level-up, in terms of the next evolution of my business as a coach, facilitator, and speaker.

When I started, I knew I wanted to step fully into coaching, but I didn't have the confidence to do so. Over the months - with Lex's guidance and with the support of my sisters - I not only gained confidence, but also the clarification of my business direction and my ideal clients. Now, I consistently and easily fill my online retreats with rockstar clients who are choosing to speak up, and I'm owning the fact that I'm a kickass coach. Lex's superpower of creating stirring messaging through her Messaging Studio was invaluable, as she thoroughly captured my style and my goals in the creation of sales pages and my speaker one-sheet. With Lex's support, I have fully stepped into being a coach, facilitator, and speaker. If you're considering joining, trust yourself. If you're like me, it will be exactly what you need to gain confidence and clarity!

Amanda Perrot //  Speaker, Coach, and Founder of Alcheme

Since joining Alexia's mastermind, I've sharpened my speaking skills, clarified my niche and my audience, re-launched my website, developed an online course, and learned how to pitch... and that's only the beginning.

I met Alexia for the first time over Zoom when I applied to her mastermind and within 10 minutes I knew I had found my mentor. Lex has given me the confidence to step up, play big, and change the world with my message of inspiring people to awaken the healer within.

Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD //  Speaker, Physician and Wellness Warrior

I joined the Moxielicious® Mastermind because I knew it was time to up-level my thought leadership and get in front of more audiences. Lex did not disappoint. I successfully booked multiple podcasts and radio shows, honed in on my signature talk, and I (finally) have a solid speaker pitch that I feel really good about.

Since joining the Mastermind, I’ve already surpassed my previous year’s revenue in my business and it’s only April. I launched the second round of my signature group coaching program, and I successfully filled two online workshops with over 70 women. I’ve made life-long friendships in this program, and I’ve been inspired by every single incredible woman in this group. I know this isn’t the end of my work with Lex. She will be a force in my life for years to come.

Laura Foster //  Professional Leadership and Life Coach and Speaker


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